Etrans Bajo

eTrans Bajo

At eTrans Bajo, we are not just a transportation service; we are the architects of a green revolution in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. As a subsidiary of KomodoShuttle, we take pride in being at the forefront of transforming the way people experience this beautiful destination.

Green Transportation
for Labuan Bajo's Future

Specializing in the rental of electric vehicles, eTrans Bajo not only offers convenient and reliable transportation solutions but also plays a pivotal role in reducing the environmental footprint in this picturesque destination. Choose eTrans Bajo for an innovative and sustainable way to explore Labuan Bajo, where every journey contributes to a greener future.

Our Vision

To be the leading electric car rental company in Indonesia, dedicated to fostering a green Earth and eco-friendly transportation solutions. We envision a future where sustainable energy and responsible travel are at the forefront of the tourism industry, with eTrans Bajo leading the charge towards a cleaner and greener earth.

Our Mission

Promote environmental consciousness by providing a fleet of electric vehicles, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and the preservation of Labuan Bajo’snatural beauty.

Engage users as active participants in sustainable energy practices, encouraging them to be ambassadors for eco-friendly travel and responsible exploration.

Drive innovation in the field of sustainable mobility, consistently upgrading our electric fleet and investing in cutting-edge technology to provide eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Educate our community and customers about the benefits of electric vehicles, sustainable travel, and the positive impact of their choices on the environment.

Collaborate with local communities, businesses, and environmental organizations to collectively work towards a greener, more sustainable future for Labuan Bajo.

Provide a seamless and user-centric experience through our online platform, making it easy for customers to choose eco-friendly transportation options.

Continuously assess and enhance our practices, seeking innovative ways to minimize our ecological footprint and improve the sustainability of our operations.

Empower local communities through employment opportunities, training, and initiatives that support sustainable living practices.

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